Buying My First Skydiving Rig In 2023

Buying My First Skydiving Rig In 2023

There are debates on when you should buy your skydiving rig :parachute:.

Some say you should consider after you get your A license. Some say you should only get if you are jumping regularly every year.


For my case, I ordered my rig even though I only have AFF license. My reasons

  1. Singapore is raising GST from 8% to 9% in 2024. I want to save that 1%
  2. As of 2023-08, there is a shortage of reserve canopy. My rig arrival estimated to be 24 weeks. By then, I would have my A, maybe even B license
  3. I value my life more than the cost of a new rig
  4. Personal rig will be safer than rental ones
  5. You can go to any dropzone without worrying about rental rig availability
  6. Your skill should improve faster when you use the same rig
  7. Cheaper in the long run. Rental rig cost almost as much as the jump ticket itself. ~$40 SGD per jump

Skydiving industry problems

I approach my AFF service provider to buy my rig since they are also authorized seller for some brands.

I see the problems with the current skydiving landscape.

1st, I can’t find online detail comparison between the different brands. I am the guy who do my research before any purchase. So this is a big no-no for me.

2nd, most of the sellers are in countries with more dropzones. I don’t have any option in Singapore.

3rd, the 24 weeks wait for reserve canopy is crazy to me. As a newbie to skydiving, I think there is a supply chain problem / inefficiency.

There are more problems that I wouldn’t elaborate. I started ExtrmSport because I think I might solve some of these problems.

Designing rig

I can choose VSE (Velocity Sports Equipment) or Aerodyne. I go with VSE since it’s more “available” than Aerodyne.

The 3d rig designer works, but it’s a bit complicated.

The color scheme gave me a tough time. I don’t have much taste, but I don’t want it to look like rental rig.

Expected damage

$7,890 USD with minimal addon, comes with reserve canopy and pack job.