Dropzone.com Alternative

Dropzone.com Alternative

I believe all skydivers visited Dropzone.com when they are searching for skydiving dropzones.

I created ExtrmSport because I believe I can execute better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dropzone.com category View Extrmsport
Forums Dated info, design community.extrmsport.com
Dropzones Duplicates
Classifieds, Gear, Stolen Good idea, but too basic
Indoor -
Fatalities “Dead” at 2018
Calendar -
Videos, Photos Seems “Dead”
Articles “Dead” at 2020

It maybe a long time before ExtrmSport offer most of what Dropzone.com offer.

We probably wouldn’t be offering some of the category, such as videos, photos, articles, because

  1. I don’t see how we can monetize this
  2. People probably prefer to upload their digital assets to social media platform such as Instagram, TikTok etc
  3. Digital assets are expensive to host

We will consider these if there is a huge demand.