Funny Skydiving Coach Video 2024-03-06

Funny Skydiving Coach Video 2024-03-06

I saw this Reddit post this morning.

The conversation and the caption are so funny.

Student: Out, In
Instructor: Let’s do it
Student: Oh, wait, wait
Others: Quick, jump, do it

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Initially, I thought that he was a bad instructor. How can an instructor jump before the student? Judging by the student’s exit, I assume that she is doing AFF CAT C2 onwards.

After checking with my network on the ground, it seems that the student is doing CAT H. She is supposed to go after the instructor. She had problems exiting in her past few jumps.

The student is at fault here :laughing:

This Reddit post proves my earlier point that the Reddit community is toxic.

The instructor and student are from China, but the jump takes place in TSA (Thai Sky Adventures Co., Ltd.). You can see it on the student’s helmet in the instructor videos.