How Much Does Skydiving AFF Course Cost In 2023

How Much Does Skydiving AFF Course Cost In 2023

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) cost is subjective.

Here is a breakdown of how much I spend

Item Amount (SGD)
iFly bronze membership 1899
iFly coach fee 332
AFF package 4700
AFF extra jumps 216
Car rental 200
Accommodation 331.45
Flight 365.14
Insurance 122.16
Mobile roaming 14
Daily expense 890

Total spent approximately: $8,326 SGD

iFly indoor training is “optional”. But I doubt it. Even with training, things weren’t perfect for me (My Skydiving AFF Experience).

My AFF package includes 9 coach jumps and equipment rental. My service provider plan everything. You can probably save more if you DIY.

AFF extra jumps because I don’t clear everything in 9 jumps. I did it in 10 jumps.

The remaining items are subjective. I am doing my AFF in Thailand instead of Singapore because there is no dropzone.

I eat very well in Thailand, which cost $890 for 9 days. It’s worth it since I probably need to spend 2x in Singapore.