My First Skydiving Rig Reserve Repack with Rigger

My First Skydiving Rig Reserve Repack with Rigger

Recently my reserve repack was due. I visit one of the few Singapore riggers, Jane, to repack my reserve canopy.

When I passed her my rig, she told me she wouldn’t repack it because I didn’t bring my slider replacement. Previously, she was the one who helped to transfer the Saber 3 main canopy from my friend’s rig to mine and discovered that it had a minor defect in the slider. Her process is to inspect everything, not just repack the reserve canopy.

This is unexpected because I intended only to repack my reserve canopy, I wasn’t planning to repack my main canopy, original plan is to let the dropzone packer do that.

So I wasted another back-and-forth trip on the same day to pass her the replacement slider.

She asked me to practice my skydiving cutaway procedure, I did it as the procedure correctly.

I left my luggage and rig with her.

A few days later, I collected the rig. She shared with me the things to look out for on my rig.

Lessons learned:

  1. Always bring EVERYTHING, just in case
  2. Slider is unique to canopy brand and model
  3. Check and ensure that the slider size is correct, don’t assume the replacement from the manufacturer is correct
  4. She says VSE infinity workmanship is not very good because of the slider defect, the handle doesn’t look solid, the bad safety stow loop, and the reserve closing loop
  5. Always clean the rig’s stain, it will degrade the rig’s integrity
  6. It is not easy to fit a main canopy one size up of the rig even though it is possible