Shawn Ng @ Dropzone Thailand 2024-02-18

Shawn Ng @ Dropzone Thailand 2024-02-18

Finally got back to skydiving after 3 months since I dislocate my shoulder.

The dropzone is packed with tandem jumps. I suspect it’s due to lunar new year.

1st, I have a long refresher course to go through the basics again. The landing area has become more narrow now. 2500 baht.

2nd, go through AFF level 4-7 again in 1 jump to make sure I can survive. Which includes 90, 180, 360 degree turns, roll and recover. 8300 baht.

Followed by 2 hop and pop at 5500 feet. Because my exits are unstable.

Landings, still not awesome with Nav240. Hopefully I can master Nav220 in this trip so I could use my personal rig with saber 3 210 in next trip.

Feedback was I’m fighting the wind thus wobbly. I remember this fighting part. Actually the reason I continue to skydive is to force myself to relax.

Arms too wide, not looking up which helps to arch better, legs not straight enough, not relax enough.

Think I’m 50% relax (physically, mentally), less thoughts about work stress. Probably will do better today after a good sleep.