Shawn Ng @ Dropzone Thailand 2024-03-29

Shawn Ng @ Dropzone Thailand 2024-03-29

Did 2 jumps.

The last few jumps were bad.

This is a left-hand landing pattern.

Until recently, I jumped using the student canopy (navigator 240) and was the last few to land, so things are easy.

But once I started using my SABER 3 210, things became complicated.

OTHERS who use a navigator (size 190 - 240) fly and descend slower than I am.

The 1st time OTHERS entered downwind before me, I was above, more inwards, and flying half-brake to let them land 1st. We will almost level before I turn to my base. Once I turned to base, I was below OTHERS and landed 1st.

I was lectured because the horizontal separation was not enough.

The 2nd time, I flew without a half-brake, had a shorter base, and final (orange) further from the target to create a separation. That point has water and my lower half got wet.

I was so angry and decided to stop jumping that day. Spend the remaining time to finish my B license exam.

Overall, I accomplished both my objectives for this trip

  1. USPA B license
  2. Use my rig

I have learned that I will need to read and adjust my pattern accordingly since I started using my performance canopy, which can bypass the student canopy easily.

It is no longer just following the landing pattern 100% at the recommended altitude.