Skydive Guideline + Roadmap

Skydive Guideline + Roadmap

We recommend adding this ExtrmSport | Skydive to your mobile phone. Because the “apps” have different subdomain url, this page will list all the urls.

How to add website to android / iphone home screen

Please read this if you haven’t

  1. Why Build ExtrmSport
  2. ExtrmSport Roadmap

:stop_sign: Please don’t

  1. Engage “service provider / seller / vendor”
    • We don’t screen our forum users. Engage at your own risk
  2. Sell services/gears; Post jobs / Advertise
    • We don’t screen the authenticity of these mentioned items. Engage at your own risk
    • Do not spam / harass our community

:bangbang: If you do any of it. ExtrmSport will not be liable, and we will not provide support. We will ban you if we receive any complains.