Skydiving is Scary: Facing Your Fear and Flying Anyway

Skydiving is Scary: Facing Your Fear and Flying Anyway

Skydiving. Leaping out of a perfectly good airplane, hurtling towards the earth at terminal velocity – it’s the epitome of exhilarating terror. The very phrase sends shivers down spines and screams erupting from throats. And let’s face it, skydiving is absolutely, undeniably scary .

But here’s the thing: being scared is perfectly normal . In fact, it’s a built-in survival mechanism, a primal alarm bell that screams “Danger!” when faced with unknown and potentially life-threatening situations. So, if you’re feeling the fear, the butterflies, the sweaty palms and quivering knees as you contemplate skydiving, join the club! You’re not alone in this terrifyingly thrilling adventure.

But what separates the skydivers from the spectators, the thrill-seekers from the terror-stricken, is not the absence of fear, but their relationship with it. These brave souls don’t deny or suppress their fear, they embrace it, acknowledge it, and then push through it. So, how do they do it? Here are some secrets from the fearless (or at least, the very good at faking it):

1. Knowledge is Power

Fear thrives in the shadows. The more you know about skydiving, the mechanics, the safety protocols, the statistics (spoiler alert: the fatality rate is surprisingly low!), the less room there is for fear to fester. Education takes control away from uncertainty and replaces it with understanding, making the prospect less daunting.

2. Baby Steps

Nobody throws themselves out of a plane on their first try (well, hopefully not!). Skydiving schools offer progressive training, starting with tandem jumps where you’re strapped to an experienced instructor. By taking things one step at a time, you can gradually build confidence and trust in the equipment and the professionals, chipping away at that mountain of fear.

3. Focus on the Goal

What’s your why for wanting to skydive? Is it conquering a fear, achieving a personal milestone, or experiencing the unparalleled freedom of flight? Holding onto that “why” when fear threatens to overwhelm you can provide the necessary push to keep moving forward. Remember, the fear is temporary, but the accomplishment will be yours forever.

4. Trust the Process

Skydiving is not a reckless act of defiance; it’s a carefully controlled and meticulously planned activity. Choose a reputable dropzone with experienced instructors, high-quality equipment, and rigorous safety procedures. Surrounding yourself with competence breeds confidence and minimizes the space for fear to creep in.

5. Celebrate the Fear

Don’t be ashamed of your fear! It’s a sign that you’re alive, present, and pushing your boundaries. Acknowledge it, even give it a name, and then laugh in its face! Owning your fear takes away its power and frees you to embrace the exhilarating journey ahead.

Skydiving is not for everyone. It’s demanding, scary, and potentially risky. But for those who choose to confront their fear and take the leap, it’s an experience that can shatter limitations, rewrite definitions of personal courage, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So, take a deep breath, face your fear with a fist bump, and remember, the greatest victories are often won on the other side of terror.

May your freefall be exhilarating, your landing be smooth, and your fear be your stepping stone to soaring success!