Skydiving Second Hand Marketplace

Skydiving Second Hand Marketplace

Initially, I wanted to build a marketplace first. I was inspired by going through different Facebook groups to buy a second-hand main canopy.

I don’t trust these groups because:

  1. Scam
  2. Unreliable → The photos can be easily doctorated, my life is worth more than the discount I will get
  3. Inconvenience → Asia has a smaller skydiving community, thus fewer options. And most sellers prefer to sell in their home country/dropzone


The challenge here is, as usual, the economies.

Assuming that my marketplace solved the three points, I managed to onboard all the skydivers.

I don’t see how ExtrmSport can generate profit from this demographic.

The people who will engage in the secondhand marketplace are unwilling to spend.

The items listed prices will likely be:
seller price + escrow price (optional) + shipping price (optional) + ExtrmSport fee (how?)

I suspect the buyer and seller will both find ways to avoid the ExtrmSport fee, thus depriving ExtrmSport.

I doubt the sellers are willing to pay Ads to promote their listing.