Skydiving Service Provider App

Skydiving Service Provider App

Coach: people with coach/instructor/examiner/judge rating

I find getting a coach too much work.

At the dropzone, I have to ask them individually if they are interested in coaching. I get rejected since they are too busy with their tandem jumps.

This process wasted 30 minutes of my time. It is inefficient.

The way I envision it:

  1. Open the app
  2. See all the coaches in a specific dropzone
  3. Click on their detail page
  4. See all their stats
  5. Book them directly at a specific day and time. They will accept or reject. No need to chat

The detail page should have everything about the coach:

  1. Number of jumps
  2. Number of coaching
  3. Number of xxx
  4. Rating
  5. List of accidents
  6. Media (Videos, photos) that helps them flex

Think LinkedIn + Onlyfans for sports coaches. Pick the coach that best matches what you want with a click of button.

The only challenge: how to monetize?

On 2023-10, I cold emailed all the skydiving examiners + judges. Too few signups, and 0 survey done.

It makes 0 sense to invest resources with potential $0 revenue.

But if there is a day we can confirm there is a demand and we can monetize, we will definitely look into it.