Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment

Last year, I dislocated my shoulder during skydiving.

I am about 97% recovered now.

My treatment process

First, my shoulder was realigned in the hospital.

Second, the first thing I do after returning to Singapore is to make a physiotherapy appointment.

Every session, the physiotherapist will start with a status check, then (s)he will do some light massage and teach me some exercises.

The first couple of sessions will be effective, but eventually, they (massage, electrotherapy) become less effective.

Eventually, you are on your own.

Third, weekly massage to loosen the surrounding muscles, which are stiff.

Fourth, I go for acupuncture, which I think is the least effective. I almost gave up on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I gave TCM another try by going for Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage).

It was a correct decision. The physiotherapist focused on the back of my shoulder. But during my Tuina session, I was sweating bullets when the physician massaged my front shoulder. I learned that the physiotherapist missed a specific pressure point/nerve that is very deep. I wasn’t even aware of it before.

Based on the Tuina physician. If left unchecked, it will affect my future mobility and strength.

Chinese saying: 伤筋动骨一百天

Loose translation means that muscle, tendon, nerve, blood vessel, or bone fracture/dislocation injury will require at least 100 days to recover.


Travel insurance is very important, it covers a portion of all the medical expenses.

It reminds me that I am not that young anymore. I can no longer walk it off for certain injuries. I have a very mortal body that becomes older/weaker every day.