USPA Membership Pricing

USPA Membership Pricing

When I heard that there is a lifetime membership, my first reaction was: “Damn, I wasted my money. I should have gotten the lifetime membership directly”.

After checking the price, I was stunned. In my mind, lifetime membership usually means more savings. But this may not be the case.

($2,500 - $78) / $66 = 37 years if you are American

($4,000 - $78) / $66 = 60 years if you are not American


I think most people don’t stay in this sport for 37 years (life/injuries/etc) to justify getting a lifetime membership.


Why is international lifetime membership 60% more expensive than standard lifetime membership?
USPA shouldn’t incur extra costs since it is a digital product.

USPA insurance only applies to the USA dropzones. Most international jumpers are unlikely to enjoy this benefit.

I think international lifetime membership should not cost more than standard lifetime membership.


I may be very wrong, but I think many members don’t renew their memberships annually. They do it only when they need it.

What is a reasonable price then?

If we set the average skydiver lifespan to 20 years:

$78 + $66 * 20 years = $1,398

Would I pay that price? Tough sell. I may pay for it if the average lifespan is set to 15 years:

$78 + $66 * 15 years = $1,068

These benefits should be add-ons:

  • online digital membership credentials via Merit → I don’t know why I need this. Can someone explain?
  • special recognition in Parachutist
  • a special engraved lifetime membership card

But USPA needs revenue to continue operation!

Without USPA revenue data, I can’t speculate if my suggested pricing will increase/decrease USPA’s overall revenue.

At least I wouldn’t pay for an international lifetime membership at the current price, this is coming from a guy who digs lifetime things.

Here are some ways the USPA can generate more revenue

  • Allow “Ads” on Parachutist
  • Merchandise


APF (Australian Parachute Federation) sent a membership fee increment email.


USPA (United States Parachute Association) sent a membership fee increment email.

I’m surprised to see two skydiving governing bodies increase fees back-to-back.

I wonder if

  1. Other bodies (e.g. BPA) increase their fee?
  2. Do all skydiving governing bodies communicate and agree on fee increments/price fixing?

Reddit community’s sentiment :point_up:

For a Singapore (aka international) jumper, don’t think it changes anything.

Assuming this is not the only fee increment for the next 40 years, you should “break even” on the international lifetime membership in less than 60 years.

I still don’t think it’s worth it. I foresee jumping for the next 15 years till my CYPRES AAD expires, but beyond 15 years, anything can happen.

The only game-changer might be if I create the Singapore Parachute Association (SPA) that best suits me. This will stay as a dream as I can’t see clearly what I can potentially gain at the end.