Why are Skydiving Gear Expensive?

Why are Skydiving Gear Expensive?



  1. Materials supply shortage
  2. Research and development
  3. TSO certification
  4. Skilled labor
  5. Expensive machinery
  6. Small market

Don’t forget about liability insurance. In our sue happy society equipment manufacturers need to be protected aginst frivolous law suits.

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I can relate since I put many disclaimers as well :sweat_smile:

The current skydiving communities is too fragmented. I hope this community can unite everyone involved. By having a single community with all the information, we can lower the barrier of entry for potential skydivers, thus growing the scale.

I am interested in improving that supply chain. Asking customers to wait 18 to 24 weeks for a reserve canopy is insane. But 1st, ExtrmSport needs

  1. Demand
  2. Deep pocket

At our current stage, it’s a pipe dream.