Best Skydiving Dropzone App

Best Skydiving Dropzone App

Since I can’t skydive due to my injury (My 1st Skydiving Injury), I am spending my free time building ExtrmSport.

ExtrmSport’s skydiving dropzone app (ExtrmSport | Skydiving, Skysurfing, BASE jumping Dropzones by Country) is officially live now!

I think this is the best dropzone app in market. (Totally biased :laughing:)

It’s very minimalistic. I may improve it in future. I don’t see any point spending time on something that no one wants or pays.

I am waiting impatiently to my skydiving trip next year.

How is this better than

This has all the dropzones data from

My view is that has become a zombie. It’s time for something new. User can create / update dropzone without staff approval.

Programmatically, I have handled the duplicates and outdated / wrong data using a different marker color. Manual work is required to clean up all the data.

I hope that the DZO or community can contribute to it.

How is this better than USPA Dropzone Locator?

The data from USPA is probably reliable.

I think it’s limited since only USPA affiliated dropzone is listed.

There is only 334 listed dropzones as of 2023-12-13. Far fewer than the 1k+ dropzones I have on record.

The data quality and freshness depends on how often UPSA’s staffs update and check it. I believe that community contribution is better.

How is this better than Google Maps

I think it’s forest (our app) vs tree (Google Maps).

Our app gives users a high level overview of all dropzone locations. Something that’s not as easy to do using Google Maps.

Google Maps is probably better at giving specific dropzone detail (for now).

I can see our app “beating” Google Maps if the community is willing to contribute data. Specialization beats generalization.

I think the standard workflow for users will be check our app 1st. If the data is insufficient, they will check Google Maps anyway. I think they complement each other.