My 1st Skydiving Injury

My 1st Skydiving Injury

2023-11-10. Things were going great. I did my 17th jump.

During landing, after 1st flare, before I can finish my 2nd flare, I was pushed by the wind to fall forward to the right side. I extended my right arm to prevent crashing head 1st to the ground.

I can’t carry my main canopy back to the packing area as I can’t lift my right arm.

Initially I thought it was muscle sprain.

After going for X ray, it shows that I have shoulder dislocation.

It appears that there is a low chance for me to get my A license this year.

In theory, I am suppose to do PLF, but things happen so fast that I can hardly recall all the details.

Now I recall, I probably lost my focus after my 1st flare, thinking that I am safe.

Lesson here is to focus. You are only safe when you are back into the packing area.