ExtrmSport Roadmap

ExtrmSport Roadmap

To become the gateway, I think we need these apps

  1. Booking app (e.g. rating holders, dropzone, rigger)
  2. Marketplace app (e.g. new / used gears)
  3. Listing app (e.g. job, event, accident, dropzone)

We will research and assess the demands before building anything.

There are 3 long-term goals

  1. ExtrmSport becomes self-sustainable
  2. Buyer (new / current participant) are happy paying a small price for better experience
  3. Seller (service provider / vendor) are paid in full

2023 Goals

Our current focus is on skydive sports.

In our view, the skydive key players are

  1. Dropzone owners (DZO)
  2. Rating holders (examiners / judges)
  3. Gear vendor

To better understand the skydive industry and how we can elevate it to the next level.

Reach out and onboard all skydivers with examiners / judges rating → no demand
Reach out and onboard all DZO