Update Skydive Dropzone

Update Skydive Dropzone

Only registered users can update the dropzone.


App home > Skydive > Dropzone > Country > Dropzone

At the dropzone page, click on the Edit button.



  1. Pricing
    • this is in JSON format
    • layman, just fill in the blank of each key
    • the data will be displayed in table format
    • you can add a new table row by adding a new key-value pair
  2. Image
    • by design, you can only add new images, you can’t delete existing images

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How to update map coordinates

  1. Click on Delete all Features
  2. Now zoom and move the map to the correct location and click on it

How to delete images

You can’t delete anything by design, as it’s too dangerous. Only admin can.

Please think before uploading subpar image.