Why Build ExtrmSport

Why Build ExtrmSport

What does “your gateway to the world of extreme sports” mean?

For potential participant, you have always want to try out one of the extreme sports, but the information is too fragmented. You don’t know who / what to trust. What are the steps you need to take. Planning is too much work. You are now thinking perhaps it’s not worth it. Why should you waste your time and money and risk your life for a sudden urge. This urge will go away in one night sleep.

For existing participant, unlike potential participant, you already know all the different websites you need to go to in order to plan your next adventure. But it still a lot of work to go to there, search, fill up the form and submit, but occassionally face website technical issues. Go to the next website and repeat the exact steps. All these websites look so outdated, and figuring out the different user interface is really a frustrating experience. Now you finally finish the work, 1 hour is gone.


  1. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date database of information on a wide range of extreme sports
  2. It provides a community where you can connect / converse with others
  3. It provides variety of tools to help extreme sports enthusiasts plan and execute their adventures
  4. You can stay safe, save time and solve all your problems with a few button clicks

That is our definition of the gateway :shinto_shrine: for all extreme sports