Prepare for Skydiving Accident

Prepare for Skydiving Accident

After my 1st injury, I realized that I was unprepared for the accident.

Here are the things that I think should be done.

1st: Preparing Will

Based on USPA, the fatalities seem low, 0.51 per 100,000 jumps.

I will take the statistics with a pinch of salt as I believe more fatalities are unaccounted for.

I think the stats is skew. A highly skilled minority (coach, instructor, examiner, judge) account for majority of the jumps. The stats doesn’t apply to your average skydiver.

It’s always good to prepare for the worst-case scenario by preparing your will.

Traditional will may not handle digital assets well as it is relatively new. They are also more subjected to changes such as password reset.

Perhaps I can fill this gap. It can be a standalone product that is not exclusive to ExtrmSport. I will need demand confirmation from the public.

2nd: Nearest Reliable Hospital

When I was in Thailand, many of the Google maps “hospitals” do not have the equipment (x-ray) nor the doctors to fix my dislocated shoulder. It is not surprising as the dropzone is far from urban areas.

You should know which hospital is the nearest and reliable to the dropzone in emergency. Do not solely rely on dropzone.

I am considering adding hospital to my dropzone app’s map. The challenge here is that I’m uncertain I can do better than Google maps. Also, I’m not sure how I can monetize this.

3rd: Information for Hospital

I only understand 50% of what the Thai doctor told me about the diagnosis.

I am lucky that the doctor go with the non-surgery route.

On hindsight, we should have all the required details handy.

  • Passport / ID information
  • Medical history
  • Insurance
  • Treatment preference
  • Emergency contact

These can be features for ExtrmSport app. The challenges

  • How to handle these data since the format differs country by country
  • How to keep these data secure. These data are too sensitive, thus dangerous
  • How do I monetize as these are not easy tasks